Friday, June 10, 2011

Inappropriate or Funny?

john and his twin brother timmy (john is the one on the right)

you may have heard some of my stories about funny things my students say or do that wouldn't be appropriate in the states but since i'm in another country, and there's a major language and cultural barrier, it comes of as funny. the one student that has more of these "funny" stories than anyone else is john. he is one of my six year olds and one day in class we were playing a game where i yell out a color or shape and they have to find it in the room. i yelled rectangle and they all rushed to the door, i yelled white and they all run to the whiteboard. you get the point. the next shape i yelled was circle, and while everyone ran in a different direction, john ran straight for me and grabbed my boob. well at least he got the shape right. when asked by one of the korean teachers why he did that, his response was "they are bigger than my moms". touche john.
yesterday john threw a crayon across the room and when told to go pick it up, he casually walks by me and again, cops a grab. when asked why, his response was "because she was there." 

during these "incidents" i have to hide my laughter while i tell him that it is definitely not ok to do that.

thank you john for always keeping me on my toes