Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Seoul Adventures-Take 1

so i've been a little behind lately. a few weeks ago, jeremy, me, mike and alissa decided to go to seoul for the weekend. we had a three day holiday weekend which was perfect. there's so much to see there that even three days wasn't enough. we left really early saturday morning to catch the bus up to seoul which is about a four hour bus ride from where we're at. amazing that you can cross the entire country in under five hours. even though some locals still say that seoul is too far to visit. so here's part one: saturday
korean rugby
we caught a rugby game on the outskirts of seoul. the stadium was meant for 10's of thousands of people to watch soccer. but with rugby not exactly the most popular sport in korea, we got in for free to join the other 100 people watch korea play singapore. 
korean rugby
my favorite part was when they would lift the players up to catch the ball. i assume that there is some technical sports name for this, but i wouldn't ever know it. 
in korea, it is not uncommon to see patients from the hospital walking around town in hospital gowns and iv bags. there is a coffee shop near our school that you can often see patients hanging out, iv bag and all. so of course we shouldn't have been surprised to see this guy at the rugby game. that is one dedicated fan. 
silent dj

that night we were walking around the hongdae university area when we stumbled upon a silent disco. there were hundreds of people standing around bobbing along to music that couldn't be heard. each person had a pair of head phones that made it so only they could hear what the dj was playing.