Thursday, February 21, 2013


Ko Phi Phi Island
Dear Thailand, I'm already missing your white sandy beaches, cheap delicious food and friendly people. Hopefully it won't be long until we're back again. Until then I'll be making green curry weekly. Dear Home, after two amazing weeks of traveling, you felt good to come back to. Even though both of us paused when we came through the door because we couldn't quite figure out where we were. The affects of city hopping for two weeks. Dear Hubs, I'm so glad I have such an amazing traveling partner. Another adventure this summer? Dear Persuasion, you were used well on the trip by hubs as we sat on the beach looking out at the moored sailboats. Maybe his dream of sailing around Asia will come true after all. Dear Stomach Bug, you're finally done and over! As nice as it was to get you as a welcome home gift I'm going to say I don't miss you one bit. Oh and thanks dad for packing our bags full of antibiotics before leaving the states! They sure came in handy! Dear Hubs, I came home unexpectedly early one night this week and found you watching me through the window as I pulled in and doing a little happy dance that I was home. I found a winner.

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