Monday, February 27, 2012

Responding to some ‘Cave Dwellings’ comments

A couple of friends of mine out there in blogland are Donna and Dennis (aka Mcgyver) of the Cave Dwellings.  I haven’t met them in person yet, but it’s one of my desires to do so.  Donna often leaves comments on my posts, and I would like to respond to two of them that she has left recently. 

Back in January she asked, McGyver just asked me, "What kind of credentials do you have to have to do your job?"..It's obvious you are a teacher, and you know sooo much about the birds, plants and wildlife..Did you just learn that? Did you get your Masters in Biology??”  No, I do not have my bachelor’s or master’s in biology.  I’ve just had a life long interest in this area.  My credentials include many years in the education field, and that certainly helps with conducting tours.  I’m at ease with speaking in front of groups.  I also spent 20 years as a federally licensed bird bander, so couple that with a willingness to introduce others to the wonders of the natural world, and there you have my essence. 

As for volunteering at National Wildlife Refuges, in general, no special skills are required.  All of us volunteers find our own niche.  Every volunteer that I have worked with has had a vast background in a wide variety of areas.  NWRs strive to place their volunteers in positions that take into account their varying strengths.  My opinion is that Donna would be a hoot working with kids.  Her sense of humor would knock their socks off!

Speaking of socks, that brings me to the comment that Donna left on yesterday’s post.  It's very smart to listen when your body is talking...I always end up getting sick after I overdo and do lots of days running after my ass to catch up...Put something in the crockpot, take a nice hot shower, put on one of your ensembles, (come on, Judy, I KNOW you have one), get a nice glass of red wine, plunk down in your recliner and watch an old movie...Do that 2 days in a row and it will recharge your batteries.


Now in the RV blog world, Donna is the queen of ensembles!  Winking smile I can hardly imagine competing with this fashion star.  But, I decided to take her advice and give it the old college try.


I guess I’m an ensemble person in training.  No flashy socks or lighthouse sweatshirts in my wardrobe yet.  However, I would like to point out that I do have snazzy Mickey Mouse and Pluto lounging pants.  My footwear is beaded moose hide moccasins with beaver trim made by the First Nation People of Canada, and the fleece jacket that I got in the Yukon that’s keeping me warm, has a grizzly bear head embossed on it.  No fancy wine glass here either.  Just an insulated mug since I like my wine on the rocks.  I think I got the recliner right, though, and I’ll be watching another installment of the mini-series Centennial tonight.  I think that qualifies as an old movie.  I’m feeling a lot better already!

Okay ladies, can we start an ensemble parade?  I double dog dare you to participate.  Smile

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy