Monday, February 13, 2012


It’s been pretty mild this year down in the south, but the last few days has reminded me that it really is winter.  I’ve left the water faucet dripping the last two nights so the hose wouldn’t freeze, but things are looking up.  I’ve had two relaxing days to catch up on chores, but haven’t spent too much time outside because of the chilly temperatures and strong northerly winds. 

IMG_6168Emma and I hiked up and down the entrance road several times today.  I was hanging around camp since my friends Diana and John would be arriving to settle in to volunteer here for a couple of months.


It has been a couple of years since the last time we volunteered together, but we’ve kept in touch and met along the way since then.  Some of you understand how that is.  When we meet again, we just take up the conversation where it last left off.  Smile

IMG_6162 IMG_6165

Despite the little blast of winter, the mushrooms are still cropping up and these tiny blossoms are still doing their thing.  Spring is definitely on its way, and it seems that the large flocks of robins have thinned in the last couple of days.


                                      There are still plenty of holly berries available (Ilex Vomitoria). 

I’ve been thinking about replacing my present TV in the main part of the RV with a flat screen with HD capabilities.  Then I could upgrade to HD (free for life) on my DISH satellite.  That is something my oldest son thinks I ought to do.  I’m not so sure about needing that, but I do know my Visio flat screen that I had put in my old rig was a great improvement over the TV that came with the rig.  Well, John says he could help me accomplish this upgrade.  Since I know it’s not something I could do myself, I’m thrilled with that offer.  I get along with a little help from my friends…

Tomorrow I’m off to meet fellow bloggers and tour the US Alabama in Mobile.  Hopefully the forecasted rain will move through before we meet for lunch.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy