Friday, October 5, 2012


Dear home, you're always great to come back to. Especially after four days of camping and the equal amount of time without a shower. Dear 5k, you’re only a few days away! I really hope that the 5k hike that we did on Tuesday and the 808 stairs leading to the top of the mountain prepared me a little bit. Plus, you just so happened to be hosted in the best city for Mexican food and a mini girls getaway. Go Team Sparkle!

Dear hubs, it’s the most romantic thing when you say you want to go to bed early, lie in bed and talk until we get tired. Anyone else hear a string quartet? This is most likely due to my love affair with our bed (any bed really). When I lived on my own I would eat, sleep, and work from my bed. Hubs thinks it's weird, I think it's weird not to. Dear blog, you’re about to get terribly behind. I’m going to try my best to get everything up in order but I just have too much to say! Be patient please. Dear road trip, you were exactly what the doctor ordered. It was so great to have a relaxing week of driving, camping, and spending some quality time with the hubs.

{Seoraksan National Park}

Dear Korea, you have the best bathroom signs.

Dear Aimee, I have to brag on my lil sis-in-law for a second because I’m bursting with pride! She got her name up on the credits for wardrobe assistant on the show that she’s been working on! I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for your career.