Thursday, July 11, 2013


fireworks photography
Dear 4th of July, typically living out of the country, these types of holidays can be quite dull since no one else in the country celebrates. But my friend Amber and I, along with our pyromaniac husbands decided to set out to the beach and set off some fireworks. All was going well and we were enjoying the fact that for a moment, it felt like we were back home celebrating. We lit off a handful of the small fireworks that we were able to find here, along with played around with sparkler photos...That is until the flashing lights of a cop car drove up behind us and told us we were too loud and we had to leave.
fireworks photography
fireworks photography
Dear Student, this semester we talked a lot about 'tact'. Apparently I need to go over it again because we had the following conversation while at a group dinner this week (by the by, just for visual sake, this student was in his fifties).

S: Teacher, when do you plan on having babies?
Me: No time soon, we want to wait awhile, why?
S: I want to give you a tip.
Me: Ok.... (starting to think that this is going to be good).
S: When women in America have babies, they get fat. But when Korean women have babies, they don't. Do you know why?
Me: (At this point I'm trying really hard not to do a big eye roll and turn away but I indulge). Nope, no idea, why is that?
S: Korean women eat only seaweed soup for two months after the baby is born, so they stay thin. So you should do that when you have kids.

It took me a second to pick my jaw up from the floor. But there you have it folks. Want to stay thin after childbirth, strictly seaweed soup for two months and you will get you there! (I really hope you can sense my extreme sarcasm in this one.) Oh cultural differences, you sure do make life interesting.

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