Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Travel Without Killing Each Other

how to travel as a couple
Someone once asked me if hubs and I ever fought on trips. We're married, of course we have. People are simply not meant to be around each other 24 hours a day. Throw in unfamiliar territory, different languages and you've got yourself a dangerous mix.

Traveling as a couple is not always easy but if you figure out what works for you, it can be the most rewarding experience with memories that last a lifetime. At the beginning of our relationship we were horrible at traveling together (thankfully this isn't the case anymore). We figured out (a little later than we would have liked) that we simply traveled differently. I loved to have a plan. My friends and family know well that I'm a huge planner with lists and time tables. I probably sound like a blast to travel with right now. On the other hand, hubs is the very laid back type. Always wants to be on the go and be doing something (the man cannot sit still) but doesn't really plan out a whole lot ahead of time on vacation.

We've found out that while we travel in different ways, there is always a compromise. For us, before we take a trip, we find all of the places that we want to go or see and what days we will see which. So on the day we know what we want to see (for my sake) but we don't have a strict time regimen and have plenty of spare time in case we run into something else we want to do (for his sake). We've also found that these tips have helped us a ton while traveling or planning a trip:

Learn about each others strengths and weaknesses with traveling. I happen to love budgeting and looking for activities and things to do (bring on the travel books and brochures) while it gives me a headache to even start to look through the hundreds of hotels in each area. Hubs says I get emotionally attached (completely true) and then I get discouraged when it's either all booked or turns out to be way out of our price range. Luckily for me, hubs actually enjoys hotel hunting and always seems to find just what we're looking for. Figuring out our roles in the planning process has saved us so many headaches and frustrations.

Have a plan. Even if that plan is to not have a plan.

Laugh! So your luggage got lost, you missed your flight, and the hotel room was not the one pictured online and even included complementary bug house guests. There's sometimes not a whole lot that you can do about a certain situation but laugh it off. 

Pack snacks. We both can get a bad case of 'hanger' so I make sure to always have some nuts or granola bars handy.

Budget for splurges. As big of budgeters as we are, it's ok to splurge every once in awhile (the experience could be well worth it) and we even include a 'miscellaneous' area in our trip budget for such cases.

Spend time alone for an hour or even a day. You're bound to have different interests and want to see different things on a trip. I like shopping, hubs wants to scuba dive with great white sharks (after seeing this video, I'll be on the boat thank you very much). It can be fun to go do it alone and then meet up for dinner and catch up on what you did that day.

Discuss what is important to you while traveling. I think that the best things that we did was to sit down and talk about what things were most important for us on the trip. Was it sight seeing, relaxing, taking tours, going to museums or eating?

Everyone has different quirks with traveling. If you talk about it beforehand you can save a lot of fights and tension and enjoy your trip to the fullest. What are some of your favorite tips for traveling with others?

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