Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Mighty Mississippi

Well, we were off again yesterday morning on another road trip.  Eventually we made our way to Bemidji, MN, to find Paul Bunyan and Babe. 

73 Tamarac NWR, 201312

And find them we did at a nice park downtown along the lake shore.  We also encountered Chief Bemidji and a marvelous metal sculpture dedicated to all pow-wow dancers.  Jack got up close and personal with Babe, and found a bird’s nest in her nostril!  Did you know that these statues are thought to be the second most photographed icons in the nation, behind only Mount Rushmore?

73 Tamarac NWR, 201313

Then it was on to Itasca State Park.  Itasca was the first of all the Minnesota State Parks, and is famously known as being the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River.  Because of all the recent rains and the spring thaw, we were not able to straddle the headwaters that emerge from Lake Itasca, but what a difference from crossing the Mississippi down in, say, Baton Rouge.  I tried to get Jack to hop the rocks into the middle of the headwaters, but he just wouldn’t do it! Baring teeth smile  I was looking for a good action shot.  He sure can be stubborn at times.


Today was a much more relaxing day as we stayed on the refuge and decided to drown a few worms in Lost Lake.  I’ve always enjoyed fishing, and it has been way too long since I’ve taken time to do it.  The weather forecast was not good, but it turned out to be a simply gorgeous six hours spent enjoying the solitude by having the whole lake to ourselves.  With it being Memorial Day Weekend, I was happily shocked that no one else came to take advantage of this beautiful place.  The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and the fish were biting!


Here’s Jack’s monster catch of the day.  I’m surprised he can hold it with one hand! Rolling on the floor laughing Ha Ha!  He was mostly using artificial lures, while I just stuck to the worms.  (I do have to admit that I didn’t take a picture of the Northern Pike that he caught and released to grow up some more.)


And here is what I ended up with using my lowly worms.  Enough perch and one biggie sunfish to provide me with about three meals.  What a fun time I had, and it was such a treat to have someone help me with tangled lines and behead and gut the fish!  You rock, Jack!  Guess I better quit for now and get busy trying to filet those fish…


                                                                                THE END!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy