Sunday, May 12, 2013

Our Little Piece of Paradise

Other than Chiang Mia, Railay Beach was our favorite spot in Thailand. Located on a peninsula in the South of Thailand, Railay acts like an island since there are no roads leading in or out of the area due to the large un-drillable limestone rocks that surround it. Everything and everyone must come by boat. We took a ferry from Phi Phi Island to Railay Beach with the hopes of rock climbing and cave exploring, both of which are highly popular in this area. We were not disappointed and as we approached the beach, we could see why this place was so popular.
While we were there we:

Hiked to the view point. There was also a lagoon on top of the mountain but we were told by some disgruntled tourists that it was currently a muddy pit so we turned back. (we've heard to go during high tide and it's beautiful)
 Enjoyed the cave scenes on the beach.
 Watched two dudes decrease each other's brain cells.
 Bought some food from a boat.
 Climbed through a cave in the pitch black...
 Up old bamboo ladders...
railay beach thailand
 Through caves....
 To get to a view like this.
 Took a sailboat...
 To this place...
railay beach thailand
To go rock climbing...
deep water solo
 Then jumped!
railay beach thailand
 Celebrated Valentine's Day with a lantern...
 That crashed the first time...we eventually got it to float away.
 Enjoyed drinks on the beach and made fun of hubs major farmer tan.
 Found some pretty amazing beach front restaurants
 And the best cashew chicken I've ever tasted.
 And ended every night enjoying the sunset and dreaming about living on a sailboat.
Is it time to go back yet??
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