Thursday, May 23, 2013


Dear Zeke, the other week we decided that you needed a 'friend' to play with. So we headed to the store and brought you home a pet fish. We put it in the sink and figured it would be a quick snack for you (and some good entertainment) but instead you spent the next few hours carefully watching it and gently tapping it with your paw. When your fishy friend finally passed on (probably out of pure exhaustion of swimming away from a cat) you meowed incessantly and kept racing back to the sink to see if he had reappeared. 
Dear PETA, please don't lock us up. Dear Culture, I never realize how strange and bizarre something is about my own culture until I try to describe it to people who are not Americans. Like the garter tradition at weddings? Try to explain to a room full of men how the groom goes up the brides dress to fetch a piece of fabric and then tosses it to a group of awaiting guys. Cue bright red face. Dear Granny Booty, after starting the squat challenge this month with a friend, you're actually beginning to take the shape of something acceptable for a 20-something girl. Thank you squat challenge. Has anyone else tried it? Dear Buddah's Birthday, even though our work schedule here isn't too strenuous, it's nice to have a day off to go roam around the city with my man. And eat actual brunch, with french toast, bacon and sausage. Ok, I was more excited about the food than anything else that day.
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