Sunday, August 4, 2013

I took the weekend off

I spent my three days off just taking care of business basically.  I didn’t do any touring or much of any picture taking.  I didn’t even feel like blogging.  There just wasn’t anything noteworthy.  I needed a break, and I took it.


I finally remembered to take a picture of the side of the rig.  I’m special ordering a couple of mug rugs (coasters) from a fellow blogger in the shape of my rig, and she needed a picture.  They’ll be stylized and quilted.  I’ll show them to you when they arrive.


Emma and I took a couple of walks, but she spent most of her time on patrol for squirrels.  I needed to get a new tie out for her since I was afraid the one she was on was going to snap, and she’d be off blasting around with the bears and wolves if that happened.  I thought the old one was 30’.  I was wrong.  That just gave her too much line to get into trouble by wrapping herself around everything conceivable including the dump hose on the other side of the rig.  I made a quick trip back to town to get a 20’ one instead.

Speaking of dump hoses, while I was down in Rochester two weeks ago, Steve, the other volunteer, sent me an email saying I had a couple of little cracks in the hose.  Ha! That was an understatement!  When I dumped the black tank this week, it looked more like the fountains in Grant Park in Chicago.  The exception being, of course, that the spray was brown and not pristine water.  Nyah-Nyah  What a revolting development that turned out to be!  I don’t know how all those fissures came about so suddenly.  It didn’t leak at all the last time I dumped the tanks.  So, replacing that hose was another one of those taking care of business things.


I also spent quite a few hours working on some more diamond willow walking sticks.  My friend, Gypsy, may be stopping by for a visit on her way from Sacramento, CA, to New York, and I promised her I’d give her a walking stick to help her enjoy her hiking.  I’ve now got three ready for sanding and a coat or two of polyurethane.  I want to be able to give her a choice to pick out the one that fits her best.  My favorite of these three is the one on the left, but it may be too short for her.  It always helps to have an impending deadline to get me motivated to finish a project.

I’m still struggling with getting my pictures to get where I want them in Picasa using Windows 8.  I’m really thinking I’m going to have to try to set up a time when Rick is available to probably undo what has turned out to be a real mess on my computer.  My son, Daniel, doesn’t know anything about Picasa, so I can’t call on him for help.  It’s just so frustrating to me.

Have any of you heard of We Fest?  Well it happened in Detroit Lakes this weekend, and I’ll be dealing with the results for the next two days.  Good thing I’ve had practice at being the Queen of Litter.  I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy