Thursday, August 1, 2013


Dear Island, it's that time of year again when I take back all the negative things I've said about you and gawk at how beautiful you are with the hills full of blooming trees and the vivid green rice fields. I promise to keep my mouth shut until you turn bitter cold.
Dear Friend, you invited myself and three other friends into your home so your mom could cook us a traditional Korean home cooked meal...just because. Your generosity amazes me and I've never had such good Korean food before! Now time to actually learn to cook it for myself
Dear Co-teacher, when you saw me walking into school with a Red Bull in hand, you politely informed me that Koreans typically only drink Red Bull when they had been heavily drinking the night before and had a hard time staying awake...ummmm (please picture me stopped dead in my tracks glancing from the can to her). We drink it in America because we're tired. Dear Beach, you are one of the main reasons I love where we live. There are several beaches to choose from within a 30 minute radius. And we finally found one that wasn't crowded and was clean! Now that's a reason to celebrate!
Dear Camping, you're always more interesting in Korea. This past weekend we went camping on a nearby island and were yelled at on three different occasions (for three different things) by a beach worker who told us that she was the 'guardian of the trees' and we could therefore not hang any hammocks from them. least we still had fun hanging out with friend and disconnecting from technology despite her attempts to spoil our weekend. And can I Just say how good it can feel to leave your phone at home?! I need to do that more often. Dear Cambodia, by this time we will be on a plane heading your way! I can't wait to get there an explore the temples of Angkor Wat! Dear Readers, while we're traveling around Cambodia next week, we will be internet free! Whoop whoop! It's time for a little blogging/social media vacay and I look forward to coming back rested, refreshed, and with lots of new blogging material! In the meantime, I have some awesome bloggers heading your way this week while we're out of town. Be sure to stop by their blogs and show them some love!