Thursday, August 15, 2013


Dear Zeke, you're adoptive aunt and uncle were kind enough to come check in on you while we were gone. But apparently we need to work on your hosting skills because every time they would try to play with you, you would run and hide. We've got work to do mister.
Dear Cambodia, I'll admit, we didn't have the highest expectations for you before we went. But you well exceeded our expectations. I just wish you didn't get us so sick when we returned. Maybe it was our bodies way of telling us we should have just stayed there. I'll be sharing more recaps in the next few weeks!
Dear Readers, We actually ended up having access to internet last week but I purposefully steered clear of anything email, blog or social media related. Because I know myself too well and know that an innocent 'I just want to check one thing' will in fact be much more than just one. While it was a great retreat and a great excuse for a 'no technology' week, I must say that I really did miss all of you! So if you get an immense amount of comments/tweets this week, I apologize in advance. 

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