Monday, August 12, 2013

Shopping AND a Great Cause!

Every once in a while in the blogging world, you find a rare gem. I have been fortunate enough to have found several of these and Kristyn from Milk + Crown is definitely one of them. She is such an inspiration to women everywhere. She often writes encouraging notes on her blog and even highlights different women in her Wonderfully Made series about what they love about themselves and what confidence means (you can check out my post in this series tomorrow!). 

Well she's won my heart over again! This time it's because she's trying to raise money for clean water through the sales of her jewelry line. How awesome is that?! And I know you won't have a problem finding something to buy because this girl's jewelry is gorgeous! I am currently swooning over this one and this one. Ok...and this one too. Below Kristyn talks more about her cause, what she is trying to do, and how you can help her!


Hi Lost in Travels readers! I'm Kristyn and I blog over at Milk + Crown where I enjoy sharing my short stories and bits of my daily life and style. I also run a jewelry shop by the same name--which is why I'm here to talk to you today!
clean water project

When I opened my jewelry shop this summer, I knew I didn't just want to create beautiful, simple jewelry for women. I love design but I wanted to make an impact on a cause that was dear to my heart at the same time. After hearing about The Mocha Club's Purpose Project, I decided to take a leap of faith.

The Purpose Project is all about reaching a goal for a good cause--in the span of a month. Here's how it works: for every piece of jewelry purchased from Milk + Crown in the month of August, $10 will be donated toward The Mocha Club's Clean Water Project, which builds wells in Sudan, Kenya, and Malawi so children can have access to clean water. It takes $300 to provide water for 10 orphans--which means I need to sell 30 necklaces in 30 days. 

With your help, everyone wins. Not only will you enjoy getting a lovely package in the mail, you will be helping orphans gain access to water--a necessity we so often take for granted in our daily lives. While you enjoy a beautiful gift, a child overseas will enjoy an even greater one.And every time you look at your necklace, you will be reminded of the impact it has made on someone's life. 

There are other ways you can help out too! Tweet, Instagram or Facebook about my project, using the hashtag, #30in30jewelry and the corresponding photo to spread the word. Tell family, friends, coworkers, even future brides! And please, pray for me. If I reach my goal, I will push myself to create and add 10 new pieces of jewelry to the collection by September 1st--something I have wanted to do but was afraid to. 
milk and crown jewelry

Thanks so much friends, for supporting my shop and the cause on my heart! I hope you take the time today to check out my jewelry :) You can find my project profile on The Mocha Club website here. And, take 15% off any purchase in August when you use the code 'MARVELOUSCARA' at checkout!

**This is not a sponsored post. I just love this girl, her jewelry, and her cause.