Sunday, November 27, 2011

The wind, she’s been a blowin’

The latest cold front came blasting through early yesterday afternoon, and what a wind came with it.  The rain was pouring down horizontally across the RV pads, and anything not secured went flying.  The winds have just now finally abated a bit.  I struggled to open the door, and then had to hang onto it for dear life so it wouldn’t be ripped out of my hands.


I was scheduled to work the afternoon in the VIS today, but I left early to take a drive around the refuge roads.  I made my way down to Frozen Point where there were plenty of whitecaps on Galveston Bay, and the birds were hugging the shoreline.


                                           That wind was making their feathers stand on end! 


Frozen Point got its name back in the day before this was a refuge. A horrible storm from the north blew in with very high winds and sleet and snow. The northerly winds sent the grazing cattle on the ranch south to seek relief. The temperatures plummeted, and some of the cattle actually stepped into the bay. As they huddled against the storm, many of them froze to death; hence the name.


This great blue heron kept trying to stay ahead of me as I retraced the road back to the VIS.


I also took a drive down to the boat launch where there were no boat trailers due to the gale force winds on the bay.  It was also low tide while I was there so this snowy egret was working the boat ramp inlet.


I imagine with the colder temperatures and biting wind the birds needed extra energy.  Good thing the marsh is such an estuary for fish, shrimp, and crabs.  Too soon, it was time to head into work.  I had encountered only two other people as I drove the refuge roads.

64 Anahuac NWR 20115

I thought I’d give you an idea of what the temporary VIS looks like.  (sorry to say it’s been temporary for three years now)  While just a small shed, it is jam packed with items to purchase in the nature store.  Only had 16 visitors on this chilly breezy day, but we did have about $111 in sales.  I guess that makes the volunteer time there worthwhile.  Most of the folks today were local, but three people did visit from Maryland.

When I got back to the rig, I took Emma out to play in my ‘front yard’.  As she was shaking her toy, somehow the tie out released her collar, and off she went at about 40 mph!  She runs like the wind, and in short order had covered about a half a mile in several grand circles around the area.  Luckily, she is afraid of the road, and returns for a drink of water after her runs and investigations.  Does she listen to me and come when I call her?  Absolutely not!  She’s the only dog I’ve ever had that is so recalcitrant. 


                                                                                   THE END!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy