Monday, April 16, 2012

Feeling a little fuzzy around the edges

I haven’t been doing much for the last five days other than trying to recuperate.  I’ve taken a number of your suggestions and am putting them into practice.  I started out with just liquids, moved to soft easy foods, and am just beginning to add some solids.  So far so good.  The couple of meds I’m on make me feel a little whacko, but I’ll do the full course.  At least the pain is about gone.



I spoke with Andy today, and he is at home recuperating very nicely.  After the surgery he had some pain in his shoulder.  Turns out it’s caused from the air they inflate your abdomen with for the operation.  I guess it wanders around the body before it dissipates.  Who would have guessed?  Sorry to say, they will not be able to come down for a visit before I move on.


                                            “I FOUND YOU MOM!  I WANT TO TELL YOU A SECRET…”

I have noticed over the last week or so that my water pressure in the rig has been fluctuating wildly on occasion.  Usually there was a nice steady blast since I put in a new water pressure regulator in February, but once in a while only a dribble would come out of the faucet.  (Kind of hard to flush the toilet properly when you’re having intestinal issues Smile with tongue out)  I won’t go into the details of why I was reluctant to take a shower the last few evenings… you can guess. 

Anyway, this morning I put a load of wash in the Splendide, and after a very little bit no water was going into the drum.  Ugh!  Luckily I had enough water in the fresh water tank, so I switched it on for that load.  I went outside and the hose was as limp as a noodle.  What gives?  I turned off the water at the pipe, took off the regulator, but couldn’t find a thing wrong with it.  It wasn’t clogged.  There was plenty of pressure at the spigot.  I reattached everything and gave it another try.  For a minute or so the hose pulsated along its whole length, and then went limp again.  I thought maybe I was losing my mind from the meds.

When Don and Mary got home from volunteering, I asked for their ideas on this dilemma.  Don did all the same steps I did with the same result.  Okay, so I’m not losing my mind.  I told him that the other day I found a new spare regulator in one of my basement bins that I wasn’t even aware that I had.  Now why couldn’t I think of that earlier this afternoon when I was trying to solve the problem by myself?  Who knows.  We switched regulators and things are back to normal.  What a waste of $30 on a regulator that only lasted about six weeks!


                                              “SOMETIMES A MOTHER FEELS LIKE A TRAMPOLINE!”

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy