Monday, March 4, 2013

It’s been chilly around here


Brr!  Even the little birds agree with me.  It’s not easy roving when the temperature is only 34*.  Needless to say I didn’t take the electric cart yesterday morning.  I used an enclosed vehicle with the heater pumping out warm air.  One year ago, this area had record high temps.  Must be that global warming stuff that’s providing all the frost.  Smile with tongue out


Despite the cold, the azaleas are beginning to show all their finery around the maintenance buildings.  I, on the other hand, had to wear gloves as I gassed up the refuge vehicle around noon.


As I made my way down the entrance road checking for any trash that needed to be picked up, what is probably the refuge’s most photographed fox squirrel made an appearance.  This guy/girl is quite a ham.  It frequents the entrance road between the maintenance area and headquarters, and regularly poses for pictures.  I was able to get a sequence of five shots of this beautiful creature.  (It almost pains me to call a squirrel beautiful considering my battles with them, but it is what it is.)


I had today off, but didn’t accomplish much other than just lazing around and relaxing.  It’s only four more days until my daughter Robyn and family arrive for a short visit.  One needs to plan for the grandgirls arrival, so that’s what I did today.


I think we’ll have a wiener roast on Sunday evening over an open fire since daylight savings time begins that day.  That means it should be light until about 7:30.  I’m inviting everyone in volunteer village to join us around the campfire.  I’ll be providing the dogs, buns, and Chicago toppings along with marshmallows for roasting, of course.  Can’t have a visit to Grandma’s without marshmallows for heavens sake.  Flirt male


Each of the girls may spend a night in the rig with me.  That should be interesting.  Since ‘Emma the gog’ has been digging a route to China in the sand in my front yard, I’ve got the beach buckets and little shovels ready for the grandgirls to pretend they’re at the beach.


We’ll also be taking a boat trip out into the swamp.  I sure hope the temperatures are warmer so the girls can see lots of alligators.  Coming from northern Indiana they are all hoping for warmer weather.  I’ve got my fingers crossed about that.  I’m also hoping that s-i-l Dennis will be able to spend a little time cleaning up my computer for me.  I could sure use his help resetting my backup system.  I’m excited about their coming visit.


                                                                              THE END!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy