Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Art of Gluttony in Bangkok

With so many choices for delicious, unique food in Bangkok, it's hard to not leave the city with a pot belly as a souvenir. But that was a sacrifice we were willing to make. Living in Korea, a variety of different country's foods are not exactly readily available. Sure we can get American, Italian, Turkish, and Indian but the restaurants for each type are far and few between when compared to Korean restaurants that fill every nook and cranny of this country. And while we actually really enjoy Korean food, sometimes you just need a break. Here were our favorite choices of what to stuff your face with and where to do it in Bangkok.
One of the great things about Thailand...the street food. There are vendors selling a variety of meat dishes, noodles, fruit and juices lining every street. This was one of our favorite places to try new food and for cheap. Noodles and main dishes will run anywhere from $1-$3 and snacks can be even cheaper.
If you're looking for a great vibe head over to Soi Rambuttri Road which is a hidden bohemian paradise inclusive of eclectic restaurants lining both sides. If we were to do it again we would grab a room at one of the many hostels to really enjoy the vibe of the area. We stopped at this local eatery, Sawasdee House and grabbed one of our favorites, mango shake. yumm. I know that as married couples, you're supposed to share, but whoever said that wasn't in Thailand at the time. I had a very strict no share rule for pretty much the entire trip. 
RubarRoon Cafe was another favorite of ours while in Bangkok. It was close to a lot of the large tourist attractions so it made for a quick meal before we hit the pavement again. 
bangkok thailand
Our favorite food that we tried was a Roti pancake or a Thai pancake. They lay out dough flat on the skillet, crack an egg, add banana and fry it up. It's safe to say we had these every time we passed a cart. And for about a dollar a pop, they were even harder to say no to.
 Oh, and we had Dairy Queen. Something I've missed so much from back home.
 Did I miss anything? Once we got back to Korea we had friends so politely tell us that we made a huge mistake of not trying the fresh coconut water and the mango with sticky rice. But I can't say we're too disappointed since we had past our fill of so many other amazing foods!

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