Thursday, March 28, 2013


Dear Work, 7.30 am classes? Is that really necessary? My body hates me and my 6 am wake up calls. Dear Readers, I am so incredibly excited to announce a new link up that I will be a part of! Rachel, from one of my favorite blogs, Postcards from Rachel, contacted me with the idea of a link up all about expat life, including advice, photos, questions and travel stories and asked if I would be interested. I immediately thought 'well...duh'. We will be going live with the link up on the first Thursday of every month starting on April 4th. We would love for you to link up your travel stories, expat experiences, questions or advice. Whether your a fellow expat, want-to-be expat or fellow travel lover, we'd love to hear from you! Come link up with us next Thursday! Read more about it here.
Dear Chingu, I'm so glad you decided to extend your birthday celebration to all week long. I love celebrating, even if it's someone's else's birthday.
Dear Closet, you're being put to good use now that I have to dress up for work. I can't lie, it's nice getting all fancy and wearing heels for the first time in two years. I bet when it's hot and humid this summer though, I'm going to miss my old uniform for school of shorts and sandals.
Dear Spring, you've officially arrived on the island! I absolutely love this time of year when the flowers, and especially the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and lining every street, and the sun is brightly shining over the ocean every day. Can this weather stick around all year?
Dear Parents, you come in one week! I can't believe how quickly your trip has come! I can't wait to see you and I'm so glad that scares from the North haven't scared you away! Pretty bad a if you ask me.  Dear Easter, I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for you and for Jesus to come and die for our sins so we can enjoy eternal life through Him. What a blessing. We're looking forward to a day of church, friends, Easter egg hunts and WESTERN FOOD! Can't wait.

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