Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Birthday Surprise 6 Months in the Making

Don't you just love his wrapping job?
Both hubs and I are horrible at surprises. If we get something we usually spill the beans within 48 hours because we just can't contain our excitement. That's why I was so shocked to find out that he had been planning a surprise for my birthday for over 6 months!

Probably about a month ago, I suggested that we take a spontaneous trip overseas in June. We had a holiday on a Thursday and we don't have our regular classes on Fridays. I just work a few hours at an academy that I can easily make up classes for and hubs just teaches an intensive class every other week. Perfect opportunity for a getaway right? He wasn't against the idea but he didn't seem as thrilled about it as I was. Little did I know, he had already bought tickets to the Philippines for that weekend back in December.
In the weeks leading up to his reveal, I sensed something was going on, that he had something up his sleeve but I tried as hard as I could to ignore it so I wouldn't be disappointed if I was wrong. I even tried flat out asking him if he had something planned but even through his nervous laughter, he convinced me he had nothing to hide. I'm not sure what changed, or if he was just that good at throwing me off (he even had our bosses in on it, telling me lies to distract me) but by Tuesday afternoon, just two days before we would leave, I was certain nothing was going on and I had imagined the whole thing. I was convinced that we were going to Seoul that weekend (his cover up destination) and was looking forward to getting out of town. 

Thursday morning we woke up late with the plans of a big American style breakfast of french toast and bacon(bacon being a delicacy in our house because of it's high price here in Korea) and maybe heading to a nearby town to explore for the day. Hubs woke me up that morning and asked if I wanted my birthday present early. He plays this game every year, too excited to wait any longer, and I tell him every year that he needs to wait for the actual day. I told him no as usual but he was extra persistent this time. I gave in and he bounded out of the room and came back with a large wrapped box in hand. Inside, taped to the bottom, were two round trip tickets to Cebu, Philippines. Our plan was to fly out that night and spend three days basking in the sun in the secluded town of Moalboal. I think it's goes without saying that I am blessed beyond belief and this birthday is one for the books.

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