Sunday, June 9, 2013

DIY in Foreign Countries

When we left for Korea, all we were allowed to bring were two fifty pound bags each. This may seem like a lot but if you figure in all the toiletries, towels, sheets, coats, shoes and clothes we needed to bring, those two bags filled up quick! And trust me, I used every ounce of allowed space. I admit, at first, just having a handful of clothes compared to back home was refreshing. It was an exciting challenge to come up with new and different outfits. And let me tell grew Where were my thrift shops, discount stores, shopping malls? Where was my Target?! Shopping in Korea isn't terrible. I can find tops and the occasional skirt that isn't butt cheek showing high. But forget about discounts, pants that don't fit like capris and don't even get me started on the smaller stores that don't even let you try anything on before buying it! I've survived by doing my fair share of internet shopping and stocking up at H&M when we visit larger cities. But I've also found that with just a little more digging for supplies, I can make some of the trends from back home, here in Korea. I tried two recently that I'm especially excited about.
polka dot jeans
These were beyond easy to make. I took a small wooden peg, dipped it in fabric paint and went to work! One thing I should have been more careful about was spacing. I spaced it out pretty evenly vertically but horizontally, they're a little off. No one would notice but I'm a perfectionist like that. After all the dots were on, they were a really bold white and I was going for more of a faded look. I waited for the paint to dry and then threw them in the wash and dried them as well. The look when they came out was exactly what I wanted. I then placed a pillowcase over the top and ironed them to set in the color and make it permanent. 
For this one, I actually had bought this fabric about two years ago when we visited Bali. It was a handwoven sarong that we bought before going into one of the many temples. I then brought the fabric with me to Thailand and had a tailor make a pencil skirt out of it. I luckily had a ton of fabric left over and decided to use it to make a twist headband. I simply folded it in half, tucked the ends inside and stitched it by hand in a slightly contrasting color thread. I put the fabric around my head with the ends up in the air, I twist it twice, then wrap it down around my head and tie it in the back.
wrap scarf
Anyone up for a crafting weekend?

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