Friday, June 21, 2013

Planning a Cruise in Alaska-Vintage Love & Photographs

Living abroad, I continuously amaze myself at just how little of the good ol' United States I've actually seen. Growing up we pretty much stuck to Michigan (where we lived) and Florida (where my grandparents lived. read:free housing). Through my adolescence we started to travel more but mostly internationally (no complaints there). But have I seen the Grand Canyon? Nope. Niagara Falls? Nope. Yellowstone? Nope. My students are in shock that I haven't seen some of the most famous landmarks in my home country. Which is why hubs wants to buy an RV when we move back home and travel around the states for a few months. Anyone want to join us? Along with the continental U.S. another place that's high on our list is Alaska. Today I have Kristy from Vintage Love and Photographs to show you exactly why I need to go there.
Hey guys! It's Kristy from Vintage Love and Photographs. I thought I'd share about my last trip I took which was last year. My husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary once he came home from a deployment in May. We took a seven day cruise departing from Seattle to Alaska. I've never been to Seattle/Washington but I liked what I saw & would like to visit again. Our stops were in Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan & Victoria, Canada.
I've visited all over the U.S. including Hawaii and I have to say Alaska is the most gorgeous state I have visited thus far. Every time I walked outside I was just in awe of all the beauty around me. I am not a nature girl at all so that tells you how beautiful it is there.
I bet you're curious as to if we saw any wild life! Well, I will be honest and tell you we didn't see a lot. I know! But we saw a bear and her cub from the ship and another bear while we were on a tram, so close enough to appreciate but not too close. We also saw I believe a baby humpback whale. We did see a lot of bald eagles which was pretty cool too.
As far as going on a cruise both my husband and I love them! They are so easy to plan vs. a regular vacation and we have found they are more affordable. I've been on three cruises thus far and hope to go on many more in the future. I thought I'd share some tips for those interested in going on a cruise.
-Do your research & the more in advance you book your trip the cheaper it will be. If you go during September-December to the Caribbean/Mexico it will be even cheaper because it's during hurricane season. I've gone on two cruises during this time & the weather wasn't an issue but this is all personal preference.

-Unless you have lots of money to spend just skip the balcony. I had to learn this the hard way. You will not use it as much as you think you will and if you're unlucky like me you will have to inhale unwanted cigarette smoke. 

-If you want to drink soda on the ship just bring your own in your luggage (stop at a store prior to boarding) and save a bit of money.

-Take a chance and book your excursions once you get to port. Those excursions tend to be cheaper than if you book with your cruise line.

-Pay attention to what you charge to your room (the only way to pay for things on a ship, at least with Carnival) because it adds up!

I hope I have at least piqued your interested in both going on a cruise and visiting Alaska. Side note, be sure to check out my fun giveaway over on my blog.