Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A little work out for the new camera

I charged the battery and got the new camera ready to go for its first outing.  There was one setting I wasn’t able to figure out yet, and it became obvious to me after perusing today’s pics.


There were no bears about this morning as I made my way to work, but I did spot the group of three youngsters in the same cornfield that I found them in a couple of days ago when I was driving home tonight.


I never could get all three of them together in one frame, but at least they didn’t run off as soon as I arrived.  These bears were quite a long distance from the road, but maybe you can see how they were picking through the harvested corn field to find some tasty morsels.


Because the bears were so far off, the camera focused on the general area rather than the individual bear that I wanted it to focus on.  I remedied this situation in my old camera by adjusting the focus point on the setting I use with the telephoto lens.  I need to change the settings from nine focus points throughout the frame to just one in the center so the camera will be able to pick out the bear (or whatever) instead of the corn surrounding it.  I’m not sure I’ve explained that very well, but so far I haven’t found the directions to tell which buttons to push to do this.  I also want to change the length of the exposure for nature shots using the telephoto.  Guess I have some more studying to do tomorrow.  Thinking smile


While I watched these triplets scrounge around for something to eat, I got a real kick out of observing how they stood up every so often.  When they did stand up, they took time to look all four directions before getting back on all fours.  I never saw the mother of these youngsters today or the last time I spotted them.  At least she taught them to be on the lookout for trouble.  You can bet if an old male bear showed up anywhere in the area that they would high tail it to the woods!

When I got home, I put the shock collar on Emma and we went outside for the evening.  I have had to use the shock device only a couple of times.  It is an amazing transformation that takes place when I put the collar on her.  She has been much calmer and has relished the fact that she can run around the entire compound as long as she stays away from the electric fence.  This has allowed her to have a gay old time playing and running with her BFF Precious.  After one evening with her on the collar last week, I ordered one through E-Bay, and it arrived yesterday.  I sure wish I would have tried this method sooner, but I just never thought of it.  I have George and Peggy to thank for introducing me to this device.


                                                                              THE END!!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy