Friday, September 21, 2012


Dear Wanderlust, you're kicking in again.I'm catching myself daydreaming of far off places and looking through the traveling books we have here. Vacation, please come soon. Dear Fall, thank you for showing up early this year. I think everyone will be glad that my pale chicken legs are now going to be covered by jeans and boots for the next seven months. And all God’s people said…Amen. Dear Hubs, you walked back through the door thirty minutes after leaving for class saying that you had to come back because your car flipped over from the typhoon winds. You’re the best at telling unfunny typhoon jokes. Dear Friend, I’m sad you’re leaving for good but I’m excited about the huge French press that I inherited. No longer do I have to fill the pint sized one that I had twice just to get one cup of Joe. Dear Korean law enforcement, after a year and a half in your great land, I have received my first parking ticket. I do not appreciate it. Especially since parking is so scarce in the first place. It’s like the whole city was built and then they decided to put in parking spaces. Guess I’ll have to leave the illegal parking jobs for the nighttime when the camera truck is no longer roaming around. Dear 7 year old students, today two of you yelled at each other with full force then simultaneously hid your faces in your folded arms. It's times like these that I really wish I knew Korean. Not to get around, not to be able to order food, but to understand what my kindi students get so angry about. Dear Hubs, we had our first official typhoon day together and did absolutely nothing. Let’s have one every week, shall we?