Monday, September 24, 2012

How to make your husband a good way

I’m horrible at birthdays. I’m not just saying that so I can get some sympathy, I truly am. I have the memory of a 70 year old and the secret holding capacity of a six year old. I often don't start planning until it's too late or when I do manage to plan something, I spoil the surprise. But I’ve made it my mission this year to fix that for the Hubs sake. So I did what any good wife would do...I went on Pinterest to steal find ideas. I saw one post in particular that caught my eye. There was a great idea to have all of the people close to them to write their favorite memory of them and they can open these letters on their birthday. Being overseas can be especially difficult when you can’t celebrate with the people you are used to back home. So this was the perfect way to include all of the people close to us, both near and far. Not only was it great to see the Hubs reaction to all of these past memories, I also loved reading about all of the crazy things he did before we met. My favorite by far is still the one his mother wrote about him:
When he was five years old, we were all at the mall having a field trip and I had $5.00 to spend on 4 kids for treats. We walked into a department store and found ourselves in an area full of refrigerator magnets. He noticed one that stood out from the pack, as it was an "Oreo cookie" turned plastic magnet. In an instant, he took a bite out of it and began chomping down on the resin-covered cookie. As the retail clerk observed, I timidly handed over the 5 bucks gave him the look that only a mother can give. 
So glad you had a great birthday Hubs, we'll have many more for me to perfect the celebration.