Friday, September 28, 2012


Happy Chuseok everyone! For those of you outside of Korea, Chuseok is the Korean Thanksgiving. It's when everyone goes to their grandparents house, makes songpyeon (look it up, it's delicious. It's rice cakes, but some have honey in the middle and they are to die for!), and some dress up in their traditional hanboks. But for us means a five day long weekend!

Dear Friends, I loved your idea to take roommate pics in hanboks! The pics turned out hilarious! And the fact that you could find some for the both of you to wear is pretty impressive. Now if only I could find a guy's one for the hubs to wear.  Dear hubs, the mustache is coming back I see. This happens every year around this time and I always feel the same way. I start with hating it, threatening to shave it in your sleep (I just might this year) but by the end, I can't help but laugh every time I see you. (This makes it really difficult to have even a semi-serious conversation.) Dear weekend, thank you for getting here so quickly so I can enjoy some time off with hubs. And thank you for being a holiday so we get extra time for our trip. Speaking of which, Dear road trip, after months of planning (ok we really just hardcore planned last night) you're finally here! We're going to be driving up the east coast, camping on beaches along the way and stopping by Seoraksan National Park before making our way up to the DMZ. I've heard amazing things about this course and I can't wait to see more gorgeous Korean landscapes. 
Dear speaking test makers, is this really the best photo you could find for 'fat'? Oh and on a side note, one of my students replied 'camping' when they saw the photo. Makes perfect sense though since I personally always go camping in my skivvies and make sure to never forget my tiny umbrella. I love my students and how they make every day more interesting than the last. Dear boss, I told you that I was going to be late because my car died. And how did you respond? By meeting me in my classroom with a coffee and salad. Your generosity always amazes me and I hope you know how much I appreciate your kindness and how much I love working for you. P.S. how awesome are the cups from the coffee shop?
Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all enjoy your weekends! I'll be out of commission till next Friday while I soak up the scenery with hubs!Photobucket