Monday, September 3, 2012


I didn’t even wake up this morning until after 8:00.  That is exceptionally late for me.  Luckily, Emma must have been tired too because I never heard a peep out of her until I was dressed and ready to take her for her first outs.  Just before we headed out the door, there was a loud blast nearby.

Yep, small game and deer season has begun on the refuge.  At least one commenter was surprised that hunting was allowed on what he considered a place where animals could find refuge.  You may not know this, but hunting of some sort is allowed on most National Wildlife Refuges.  At Alligator River NWR, small game, deer, and waterfowl can be hunted with certain restrictions.  There is no hunting of the bears allowed, and anyone that is found hunting or harassing wolves will suffer a $100,000 fine and/or one year in jail.  Personally, I can’t imagine hunting in this very challenging wet, hot, humid and bug infested habitat.


I guess you could say that I do my hunting with a camera and most often from the air conditioned comfort of my car.  Winking smile  After a very rainy afternoon, Emma and I hopped in the car early this evening to wander some more of the back roads of the refuge.  Skies had cleared, the sun was shining, and this red-tailed hawk was visually patrolling the fields.


Every time I’ve driven these roads a memory of a bridge over a canoe launch keeps nagging at me.  It seemed to me it was a memory from this refuge, but I hadn’t found it yet, and I’ve driven an awful lot of refuges in the last six years.

_MG_0462 _MG_0463

Then tonight, I found it.  The canoe launch area is overgrown, but the one lane bridge is still there with an inviting view of Milltail Creek.  When the weather cools, maybe I’ll figure out a way to get my Sea Eagle inflatable kayak in for a little paddle.


Looking down from the bridge, this algae bloom on the creek’s waters made me think of one of those photos from space of some continent.  On our way back, I took a couple of other roads I haven’t done yet this year.


I’m glad I did because we got another nice view of a black bear.  He was on his way to the cultivated fields for an evening meal.


While Emma was not very impressed with our little walk over the bridge on Milltail Creek, this big old bear brought her right to attention!  Her shoulder hair was standing on end, her nose was sniffing in high gear, and a very quiet rumble was coming from her chest.  I’d venture to say that this made her day.

Tomorrow I’ll be off to get new lenses put into my reading glasses, and then do the weekly grocery shopping.  I’ll be open to any excitement offered by these mundane chores.


                                                                                THE END!!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy