Friday, November 2, 2012


Dear Halloween, you rock. Not just because of the excusable sugar overdose but also because my boss still thinks I'm a great teacher for playing Halloween movies in class. Hocus Pocus was a hit, Ghost Busters...not so much. Dear Zeke, you're cute but can you practice your attack skills on something else other than my head?  Oh and thanks for acting like a dog and playing fetch, it's pretty awesome. Dear hubs, thanks for being a planning rockstar this week. I think you've found the coolest guesthouses in Thailand. And as of yesterday, we have two out of four of our places booked for our vacation! I love that you play into my 'ultra-planning' ways and book places months before we go. Dear Dentist, I now remember why I haven't gone to you in the almost two years that I've lived in Korea. I always hated going to see you in the states but over here it's magnified when I can't speak the language and they put a creepy blanket over my face with only a hole for my mouth. No thank you. Dear hubs, you came home from work without the 80's cop stache. I felt like it was Christmas until I realized that it's now November and you're starting everything over for 'no shave November'.