Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Something to Chew On

Getting Zeke has provided so may additional challenges than I first expected, both good and bad. I didn't grow up with pets (unless a fish counts) and even when my parents finally caved and got a dog at the age of 12, it was a family dog. I've been reading up on how to train cats (if that's even possible) and asking cat loving friends for advice. But nothing could prepare me for his obsession with chewing on paper and whining at your feet to be held. Although, I do admit, the latter is just cute. 
One challenge, however, that I signed myself up for was making toys. Yes...making. As if Korea hasn't already made me into enough of a Martha Stewart wannabe with my homemade crackers and Christmas decorations. Animal toys are readily available here and for a decent price but I figured it would be almost just as easy and cheap to make them myself. Especially since they didn't have to be anything too elaborate seeing as how he is easily entertained with a wadded up piece of paper. So I scoped out Martha Stewart's site and found a felt feather toy that seemed simple enough. I was right, and within half an hour, Zeke was being happily entertained. Here's what you do:
Gather two colors of felt, a belt and string
Cut out two leaf shapes, one smaller than the other
Make fringes in both pieces
Make a separate small loop with the string around the bell. Then tie the bell and both leaves together!
Told you it was easy.