Thursday, November 29, 2012


His favorite place to sit and watch me do my hair and makeup in the morning.
Dear Zeke, yesterday you tried to jump in the shower with me. Then after I was out you proceeded to crawl into the shower and lay down in the water. You are a cat right? Dear Kindi student, today you came into class and asked me to sing you a song. I tried to play charades to explain that me singing would make you cry but you just gave me a confused look and said 'never mind, I'll sing you a song.' Good idea. Dear heartache, this week you came when I saw this photo of my niece in the hospital. It's times like these that I hate being so far away and would do anything to be there.
How cute is she! Even with the IV tube on her arm.
 Dear bet to self, once again were playing the little game of 'how long can we last until we use the heat.' Although I must say we're slightly cheating with our heated bed blanket but I'm ok with that. Dear pseudo nephew, on Sunday you turn ONE! I can't believe how much you've grown. I still remember pacing the waiting room floor waiting for you to arrive. I remember celebrating all of your big milestones this year like sitting up, laughing and most recently walking. This is what it is to have an expat family. You make my heart melt.
Dear Christmas wish list, never would I think that floss, coffee creamer and tacky glue would make it on the list but I guess being an expat makes you want weird things in the mail. Dear hubs, this weekend we get to take our Christmas photos and hopefully decorate our tree. I love that you actually enjoy these sort of activities (or at least pretend to enjoy them for my sake).