Sunday, November 18, 2012

Seoul Food

Seoul is by far one of our favorite cities in Korea. A major part of this love is the food that is available. Our island is fairly westernized and we are able to both buy and eat a lot of the food that we crave from back home. But this is still nothing compared to the vast assortment of foreign foods available in Seoul. We went to visit last weekend and therefore spent about 48 hours gorging ourselves on all of the delicious availability.
Breakfast restaurants are far and few between in Korea, especially restaurants that don't overcharge and you can leave feeling full. Oh how we miss Denny's. We did however find a new breakfast spot that wasn't outrageous (although still much more expensive than prices we are accustomed to back home) and had large portions. Suji's is located in the neighborhood of Itaewon and offers a wide selection of delicious breakfast foods at a reasonable price. The french toast we had was 12,000w and the eggs were 15,000w.

We opted for the french toast which came out with massive Texas toast slices topped with bananas and walnuts. There was also the free of charge option of other toppings such as blueberries.
We also got my favorite, eggs benedict. Neither choices disappointed and both the hubs and I left feeling very full. A feeling that the hubs does not often encounter here in Korea.
We look so happy because we finally get breakfast food.
One of our favorite eating experiences of the weekend was at the Copacabana Grill which is an amazing little locally owned Brazilian Steak House (similar to Fogo de Chao). The owners are a sweet couple, she is from Brazil and he is from Korea. On the weekend, the all you can eat buffet was 30,000w per person but we were told it is cheaper at lunch during the week. 
They have a fantastic buffet complete with rice, salad and various authentic Brazilian dishes. 
The waiters came around to each table offering different options for meat and would slice it off for you at the table. Each type was only cooked with salt and I can honestly say each one was delicious. I know because I tasted Oh and we never got a picture of it because it disappeared too quickly but for dessert they brought around pineapple cooked and sprinkled with cinnamon. I would have never thought to combine the two but it was absolute heaven!
How full we felt
One of the most amazing streets in all of Seoul. This little street is lined from beginning to end with different restaurants from every nationality. You won't be disappointed. This street is located just behind the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon.
Our last morning was spent at the Flying Pan, also in Itaewon. This place has very unique dishes but it is more expensive with smaller portions compared to Suji's. (The french toast was 15,000w compared to Suji's price of 12,000w). They used to have a great early bird special where they offered a dish along with coffee for 10,000w but they have recently stopped offering this. We split the french toast which may have just been the best french toast I have had. It was made out of a type of flaky pastry bread and was topped with strawberries and ricotta cheese. YUM.
We're already planning our next trip back.