Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Winter Wonderland

Last Friday we got the best present a teacher could ever ask for. A whole bunch of glorious snow. It was actually more like 6-8 inches but it was the most snow this little island had seen in over 30 years! The fact is that even where there is just an inch or two of snow around here, things shut down for the day so with 6-8 inches, we were guaranteed our first snow day since living in Korea.
So what to do when you can't drive anywhere and you really have no where that you would want to drive? Climb up the mountain behind your apartment and have a mini photo shoot. And can I just say that this was actually hubs idea, it's funny the things he does that make me fall more in love with him.
Down our street. Thankfully the roads were semi cleared by the afternoon.
Ol' Blue was out of commission that day.
Food delivery bike. I don't think anyone was getting their fried chicken that day.
Up in the mountains across from our apartment.
We spent the rest of the day drinking hot cocoa and driving around the island taking pictures of the landscape.

After we came back in, I made my daily hot chocolate. Yes, daily. But not to worry, I found a great recipe to keep this amazing drink in dietary check. So therefore you can have it daily, or twice daily. No judgement here.
Put two to three teaspoons of cocoa along with one to two teaspoons sugar in a cup. Add a bit of cold milk and stir to make a paste (this helps against clumping). Then add the heated milk, I even sometimes mix half milk and half water. And voila, hot cocoa perfection. 

What's your favorite thing to do on snow days?