Thursday, January 24, 2013


Dear Zeke, every morning this is where I find your toy mouse. Are you trying to tell me something? Dear Back, it's about time you leave me alone. You have now been hurting for two weeks since my little 'incident' on the mountain side. Although this has given me the excuse to ask hubs for nightly back rubs which he has so kindly obliged to. Dear Hubs, thank you for said nightly back rubs. I'm not sure they are actually helping but I think I'll keep that little tidbit to myself. Dear Nails, sorry I spent so long making you actually look presentable for the first time in months years and then proceeded to chip all of it off the moment I got anxious about something. I should learn my lesson and just not ever put it on in the first place. Dear Patience, you're running thin. I guess that's what happens when you plan a vacation six months in advance and it's finally only a week away! Lord have mercy on my students this week, it may be filled with worksheets.

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