Thursday, January 31, 2013


Dear Clown Car, you've done it again! I'm amazed at your durability as we successfully carried half of a couch on top of you across town. What I loved even more were the looks that we got while in transit (mind you we also had to have our arms out the windows to hold onto it as we drove).

Dear God, I now understand why you make babies so cute. The other day I saw a picture of when Zeke was a kitten (because we all know pets and babies are pretty much the same right? It's all I have to compare to, stick with me) and wanted another one, completely forgetting the annoying traits that kittens can have. I'm doomed when we start having kids. 
All packed and ready to go!
Dear Charades, for the first time since living in Korea I'm really thankful I didn't have to use you the other day when my friend and I were trying to find the 'lady doctor'. I can only imagine how quickly it would have gone downhill if we tried to act that one out. Dear Goodbyes, you suck. End of story. Can't everyone just live here forever? Or at least until we leave? That'd be great, thanks. Dear Jet Plane, we're leaving on you tomorrow! I really hope these next two weeks just crawl by. Dear Blog Friends, Even though I'll be out of town for the next two weeks, I've got some great posts planned for you guys and some even better guest bloggers coming up! And since hubs and I prefer to travel old school (no phone, no computer) I won't be able to answer you're sweet comments until later, but I look forward to reading them all when we get back! Be sure to go visit the guest bloggers and give them some love!

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