Thursday, January 3, 2013


Dear Teagan, I got this picture of you this week listening to the book we sent you. Can't wait till we can read it to you in person.
Dear hubs, I have to brag on you and your mad video skills for a minute because I'm so proud of what you made. And now that there are a few 'practice' videos, as you call them, out of the way, I can't wait to see our wedding video that you're working on!

Dear S'mores, after two years without you because of your insane cost here in Korea (a tiny bag of marshmallows is $4 and don't even get me started on trying to find graham crackers) I was reunited after my mom's last package. Welcome back to my life, you've been missed. 
Dear Bluntness, I was reading a news magazine printed for Korean ESL students and ran across this article about being racist in Korea. Blunt and shocking...yes, but at least they get brownie points for being honest and trying to fix this problem. I have tried to teach my students that this attitude is wrong but they're still too low of an English level to understand when I try to explain that them calling their friend 'Africa' in order to make fun of them is just wrong. 
(I apologize for the poor quality photos)
Dear Heartache, this week you came in the form of my tires and a cute little kitty sprinting across the street. When I swung back around to see if I had been lucky enough to just hit it's paw or tail, I saw it's sibling sitting in the middle of the road watching the other cat as it passed away. I immediately called hubs in tears and warned him that I may be bringing home a kitty tonight. Thankfully soon after, it ran to the side of the road where it was met by three other siblings and the mom. Dear Zeke, we're trying to be good cat parents and let you sleep with us at night but apparently you think its playtime every morning at around...2am. I can't help but laugh to look over right as you sneak up on hubs and pounce on his head. As long as you don't do it to me you're still welcome in our bed.

Has anyone else accidentally run over a dog or cat? Is it not the worst feeling in the world? Good thing there's things like s'mores to ease the pain and guilt.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be spending it with some sweet girlfriends roasting marshmallows and watching Pitch Perfect (have you seen it yet? It's friggin' hilarious!) Check back tomorrow, I'll be posting our New Year's Resolutions and a look back at this past year!

P.S. Being featured here and also guest posting over on Jay's blog From There to Here today. Go check it out!