Thursday, January 10, 2013


Dear Vetkoek, you may just be my favorite new food. A traditional South African dish of fried dough that is usually cut open and filled with a meat dish or jam (I like to add whipped cream to mine). I love my friends from South Africa for introducing me to the most amazing foods. Dear Boss, you came back to work two days after a boob job and now three days after you broke your collarbone. I think you're the definition of Korea's favorite word...diligent. Dear Ski Trip, please be kind to me. I've only tried snowboarding once and it didn't go exactly as planned. Bruised hips and bum are never exactly on my wish list. Dear Mold, living in an apartment under a year old I should not have to see you as often as I do. I feel like every time I move the bed to change the sheets, you're back again. Sadly, this is a common sight for any expat living in Korea no matter what apartment you have. I heard recently that white vinegar does a better job than bleach at stopping the problem so here's hoping! Dear Winter, I loved you in the beginning because of all your holiday cheer, new layers and acceptability of wearing beanies everyday. But it's gotten to the point where I'm over the cold and gloom. I just want to be warm which means wearing my one wool sweater over and over again. Thankfully I live in a country where it's socially acceptable to wear the same thing multiple days in a row. Dear Little Clown Car, we just got back from the mechanic and he said that you should last us another year! What a huge blessing our little $200 investment has been.

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