Friday, May 11, 2012

friday's letters/3

dear seoul,
as always, you were amazing. with your foreign food that makes us 5 pounds heavier going home, your "big" size shopping and your sardine like subways. we'll be back soon

dear fellow expats,
lately you have made me one happy gal. i'm so glad that so many awesome people have decided to invade the island lately. it has made living overseas and away from everyone we know, almost extremely easy

dear hubs high school,
please serve more western food. or at least korean food that a westerner's weak stomach can handle. i really don't want mr. diamond's swim trunks to fall off two summers in a row due to lack of meat on his good lookin' bones.

dear middle school students,
i know you have this weird obsession with me reproducing soon but i'm just here to tell you, it's not gonna happen. sorry