Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Southern Hospitality

My plans for today included just relaxing since there doesn’t seem to be much else to do around here, but things turned out a little more exciting than planned.


Recently I had received this book forwarded by “Just BS”, a fellow blogger.  I thought I might spend the week reading a few chapters a day while I’m relaxing.  Along about noon, a squirrel decided to commit suicide at the campground transformer, and it and the transformer blew up.  So, no electricity and the temps were rising.  There was a slight breeze, so Emma and I sat outside and I began to read.  Instead of just reading a few chapters, I ended up reading the whole thing!  Along about 3:00, I moved inside and revved up the generator to cool off.  It was another two hours before power was restored.  Now the book is done, so I’m willing to forward it to any interested reader if you let me know.


A commenter a few days ago wondered how I found this campground.  Here’s the answer.  I have found this book most valuable for finding COE campgrounds that accommodate big rigs.  I really prefer a book in hand as my first choice over the internet, and this book fits the bill for me.  It gives the details I’m most interested in about these campsites, and lists them by state.  After I choose a likely location, then I go to the internet.

Now, I’d like to talk a little about southern hospitality.  Perhaps you remember that on my way to MS Sandhill Crane NWR, I stopped for a few nights in a state park in Louisiana and my campground neighbors invited me to an authentic Cajun meal at their site.  It was a wonderful experience.


Not to be outdone, my present neighbor, Francis Jackson, stopped by my rig this afternoon to offer me a huge slice of chocolate pie and a tomato.  Francis and her husband, Samuel, are from Monroeville, AL (about 30 miles from here), and are justly proud of their state.  I’ve never had a homemade chocolate pie before, so I’m going to dig into it real soon.  I just can’t get over how friendly strangers have been to me as I travel along.  After six years on the road, it still continues to amaze me.

Then this afternoon, I got an email from a reader offering to give me a tour of Montgomery, Alabama, when I arrive near there next week.  How cool is that?  I’m one lucky traveler.


                          Time to have a taste of that pie, and figure out an adventure for tomorrow…

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy