Friday, May 25, 2012

friday's letters/5

dear buddah,
thank you for being born, and thank you korea for recognizing it as a national holiday and therefore taking off work. we're heading out saturday morning on the motorbike and heading to a nearby island to go camping on the beach.

dear korea,
thank you for your amazing beaches that we can camp and build epically awesome bonfires on. we will be thoroughly enjoying it this weekend.

dear sister,
just saw the latest of your pregger photos. you have exceeded my expectations for not being on bed rest yet (she's tiny at just 5'1", i thought she'd be laid up by month 4!) AND my expectations of how cute we all said you'd be knocked up. can't wait to hold my niece in august!

dear hubs,
i think it's sexiest when you wake up early and make me breakfast. i won't argue if you decide to do it more often.

dear motorbike,
i'm not thrilled about the idea of sitting on you for two hours tomorrow and you making my butt more sore than an hour of squats. please be nice.