Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My new campsite is a Georgia Peach!

After doing the final packing up this morning, I stopped at the dump station, filled up with gas at a pre-scouted gas station, and was finally on my way for a 140 mile uneventful journey to my next destination. 


We traveled to a new state, Georgia, and a new time zone, Eastern.  That meant I lost an hour along the way.  I arrived at the Holiday Campground on West Point Lake that the hosts at Prairie Creek COE campground had recommended.  If you remember, my plan was to get a non-reservable  site to plunk myself down in to wait out the Memorial Day weekend.  I’m happy to report that I was successful!  Surprisingly, when I arrived, the hosts at this COE campground said they were expecting me.  What?  It turns out that the folks at Prairie Creek gave them a call on my behalf and asked that they welcome me and see that I got a good site.  Wow!  Talk about customer service and going the extra mile.  I was flabbergasted to say the least.  What a lucky person I am.  At the gate house, the gentleman told me I was lucky there were any sites available as this park is usually full all of the time.  He then told me he thought I’d like #103.


He was right.  It is a real peach of a site.  There are no sites to the right, and the nearest site to the left is about 50 yards away.  As I was getting back into the rig to drive it out of the tricky parking space I was in at the gate, I overheard two southern gentlemen proclaiming, “Oh my God, she’s driving that thing herself!”  Surprised smile

As I maneuvered through the ultra skinny entrance gate without hitting any of the curbs, they loudly proclaimed that they’d be willing to help me get set up (poor little woman and all).  I stomped on the brakes, stuck my head out the window, and said I’d surely appreciate it if one of them would be willing to help direct my backing into the site.  Since I’d never been there before I figured it couldn’t hurt.  You never know what kind of challenges may present themselves.  It turned out this site was a piece of cake, but I still appreciated having someone in my rearview mirrors using hand signals.  I declined their offer to get me all hooked up, as I wanted to do a little more maneuvering to get in just right.  I appreciated their kindness, and I think they felt good helping what they envisioned as a damsel in distress.


This is the view out my front windshield, and across the road.  It’s so nice to see some water that isn’t all mucky brown.


This is the little bay that is behind my rig.  With almost two weeks here maybe I’ll finally get my inflatable kayak out to go for a little paddle.  My hip is feeling better so I think I could manage getting down there.


“Quit trying to take my picture, and let’s go for a walk!”, says my companion.  Okay, after taking my time getting everything set up we did just that.


We headed for the water behind the rig.  It’s almost like having my own private little beach.  Don’t know if there are any alligators here or if a little swimming is allowed.  I’ll find out tomorrow.


The water is crystal clear and it is a very secluded area.  I think I’m going to enjoy my time here.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy