Monday, May 28, 2012

So-long West Point Lake

It’s been a rather nice 13 night stay I’ve had here at the Holiday COE campground on West Point Lake.  I’ve gotten to see several very historic sites, had a marvelous soak in the warm springs pool, and have basked in my own private little swimming bay each evening before coming inside. 


Most of the celebrating crowd made their exodus from the park today so things have really quieted down once again.  I’ve spent the last two days very slowly packing things up to get ready for my departure tomorrow morning.


Everything, including cleaning the inside of the rig and doing laundry, has been done.  All that’s left for tomorrow is to unhook the water, electric, and pack away the DISH.  Normally, I stow the DISH the night before leaving, but I’m DVRing several movies tonight with a military theme.  Since it’s Memorial Day, there are lots of those good old was movies like “Sergeant York” and “The Longest Day” on today.  I’m stockpiling some movies in case I don’t have satellite reception at my next stop.

The site I’ve reserved at the McKinney COE Campground on Allatoona Lake for the next six nights is located in the woods.  Some of the first come first served sites on the water may be available tomorrow when I arrive, but I just can’t make up my mind if I want to switch to one or not.  I will have that option.  The waterfront site I have in mind is a pull-through, and is located next to the swimming area, and I’d have satellite reception for TV.  Those are the pluses.  On the down side, those sites are rather cramped and the hosts told me the other day that every site down there will be filled for the upcoming weekend.  Decisions, decisions…

It will be a journey of about 110 miles tomorrow, and I’ll end up about 45 miles north of Atlanta, GA.  I must say that I’m rather enjoying the slow progress I’m making with relatively short driving days.  I’m usually on a mission to reach my next volunteer assignment.  Since I’m taking almost three months to travel a little over 1000 miles this time, I’m really having time to ‘smell the roses’.  (haven’t seen any roses yet, but you get my drift)


So tonight was one last pretty sunset on West Point Lake.  Time to be moseying down the road a bit…

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy