Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hello Allatoona Lake, GA

After a very busy and slightly hair raising drive through and around Atlanta, Emma and I reached our destination of the COE McKinney Campground in Acworth, GA.  My goodness there were a lot of truckers on the road this morning!  It was as crowded on the road as any other good sized city, and Jack-in-the-Box did an excellent job of getting me through the melee.


As I drove the 110 miles, I made up my mind to go with site #64 that I had originally reserved.  I value privacy and quietness over the sardine packed ambiance of a lake front site I guess, and it would be hard for any of the first come first served sites to compare with the site I had at Holiday with my own private little beach.


I did, however, begin to wonder about the quietness of this site as I arrived to pull in.  Tenters on my right had the most God awful music (?) deafeningly blaring from a large boom box.  Thankfully, their time was up today, so by the time I was set up, they had packed up and left. 


Getting into this site was a bit of a challenge, but I took a deep breathe and jockeyed the rig in.  I was so proud of myself that I had to hit my EASY button! Disappointed smile  (That was Easy!!)  And I stopped just in time to miss crashing into a big pine tree at the back of the site.  Sometimes, things just go right.

I had to set up my trucker’s antenna and amplifier as the Sprint reception wasn’t the greatest.  Then I decided to give the DISH a try.  There was one little patch of blue sky to the left, and believe it or not I locked onto the signal in near record time.  What good omens for my six day stay here.


I took a little walk around the area, and only found one wildflower blooming.  With 88* and high humidity, it’s more like summer than spring in this part of Georgia.

67 On the way to NC 201217

Since I’ll only be here six days, I debated about setting up the Hard Rock Bird CafĂ©, but I heard some tufted titmice in the woods so I put up one feeder.

_MG_8412 _MG_8410

It usually takes about a week for birds to find my feeders, but in two shakes of a lambs tale a titmouse arrived!  He must have spread the word because in a very short time several Carolina chickadees stopped by.  As Emma and I sat outside after all the set up was done, we had more than two dozen birds zipping in and out for a snack.  Amazing. 

I’ll be visiting Acworth tomorrow as I need to get some Iams dog food for Emma.  I may even visit an art museum while I’m there.  That would be a first.  I have to tell you that the other reason I like this site is that whenever I step outside the rig, the wonderful smell of pine greets me.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy