Monday, June 25, 2012

A better choice

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to look up a motel to stay in for tonight.  Thankfully, Dennis refreshed my memory about how to go about doing that.  Being the frugal person I am, I told Robyn I was choosing the cheapest place listed ($42) to stay in Lexington, KY.  I’m taking two days to get back to the rig, and Lexington was a distance of about 330 miles.  Before I made the reservation, Robyn suggested that I read the reviews on this particular motel (Microtel).  I certainly don’t have dumb kids.  Here’s what I found:

Buddy D. from Elkhorn City, KY – Wouldn't stay again

Stayed Jun 2008, 1 day

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I should have know before checking in here witnessing a man enter his room with what appeared to be a prostitute. Mind you this was really late at night so it more then likely was. Room was way too much for the room and amenities offered. Would recommend the motel 6 super 8 or even knights inn at this same exit. These are all cheaper cleaner and with more friendly staff. Parking lot was dark and appeared dangerous. Parking lot was full of beat up broken down cars and panel trucks. Made me feel a child molestor could pop put at any minute. Room key would only open outside entrance 5/10 times made quick entry from scary parking lot near impossible. Rooms are old and dated thought they have new spreads and carpet but 80s feel overall. My room had semen stains all over them and the window bench. Bathroom had paint all over the floor I assume they had just painter the bathtub or something. Worst of all was the smell of cooked heroin emitting from the room was almost unbearable. Toilet was stopped up from brown present left in it. It was late so i decided to just tough it out for a few hours and then get back on the road. Would never stay again front desk was very unhelpful and unfriendly would not let met make an late checkout as I arrived late. However this may have been a blessing as the room was from hell. Definitely do not want to linger or sleep here neighbors were loud all night with their tv and talking. This was on a week night I can't imagine this place on the weekends. Total dump for non dump prices. How they get away with it is beyond me.

The more I read, the more we laughed.  I could just picture myself in this horrible circumstance.  Lest you think this was just one disgruntled customer, the other three reviews were negative as well, but this review was a beaut!!

I’ve ended up at the Four Points Sheraton for more than twice the price, but Robyn can rest easy that this is a very clean motel in a clean neighborhood, and just off of the interstate.  If I had more ambition, I’d use the workout room and the pool, but I’m guessing that’s not going to happen.


Since I wasn’t driving the whole 520 miles in one day, I contacted Nan and John Talley about meeting for lunch as I drove through Indianapolis.  Many of you know how fun it is to meet fellow bloggers, and put real faces to our cyber friends.  I was shocked when they gifted me with that Giuseppe Armani Bald Eagle sculpture that you see in Nan’s hands.  It is beautiful.


We then had lunch at the Fireside Brewhouse in Greenwood, IN.  The food was very good, and way more than I could eat.  Thanks Nan and John.  It was great getting to know you, and I wish you Happy Trails as you begin your fulltime journey in about a week.  Open-mouthed smile

I so seldom stay in motels that when I do, I like to take advantage of room service if it is available.  Sorry to say, that late lunch was so large and filling that I just can’t think about eating this evening.  Ah well, maybe for breakfast?

Just think, if I had made a different choice, I could be shooting heroine or watching hookers tonight instead of the calm TV watching I’ll be doing…

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy