Friday, June 1, 2012


{heading to haeundae beach this weekend for the sand castle festival! one of the highlights is the hot sand bath where you're buried from head to toe. this will be my first stop of the day.}

dear friday,
thank you for coming so quickly and only making me work four hours. you're also my favorite because you are the one day in the week that the hubs doesn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn for class.

dear hubs,
i love that you know exactly what to temp me with for my bday. and that you know even better to spoil the surprise two weeks early.

dear dehli indian restaurant,
you have me hooked with your delicious spicy chicken curry and generous helpings of nan the size of your head. when i arrived in korea, i could hardly eat anything because it was all too spicy. now, i'm searching for spicy foods to cure my cravings for it. this is one thing that i never expected to change just by living in a different country. (ok, i should say that my spice tolerance still isn't the same as a normal person, but it's a lot better. whenever my korean teacher hands me a snack and swears that it's not spicy, i'm running to the water fountain while she sits there laughing at my weak american tastebuds.)

dear korean holidays,
keep 'em coming. i won't complain about the two weeks in a row that i have a four day workweek.

dear summer,
thanks for the awesome weekend beach weather. you're doing a much better job than last year.

dear costco,
thank you for being a foreign saving grace with all your delicious american food and better yet, the same cheap food court as back in the states.