Monday, June 11, 2012

sand castle festival

last weekend we headed into busan to check out the annual sand castle festival. word to the wise: never head into a big city on a saturday afternoon. we had plans that morning so couldn't leave until 2 and that meant that we were very unfortunately stuck in 3 hours of traffic. thank goodness we had the company of good friends. they had sand sledding for the wee ones. it was one of the few times that i wish i was a little kid of the of the many sand sculptures at the festival. they were so detailed and intricate. i will admit, i thought that the sand sculptures would be more upright instead of flat against a heap of sand but i'll take what i can get.these girls were so cute while putting the finishing touches on the race car that they obviously did on their own with no help.we ended the trip with a visit to our favorite mexican restaurant, taco seƱora. always the perfect way to end a trip to the city.