Friday, June 1, 2012

The weather forces me out of procrastination

I’m pretty good at procrastinating when it comes to things that aren’t my favorite chores.  (not that I can think of any chores that I love to do)  Anyway, it’s a new month today, and the deadline for making decisions concerning Medicare are looming at the end of this month.  I made the decision about a supplementary insurance plan last month, but hadn’t done anything about prescription drug coverage. 

Well, the day dawned very overcast with off and on drizzles, so I bit the bullet and dragged out the prescription drug coverage information.  I just couldn’t convince myself to put it off any longer since it wasn’t a good day for touring outdoor things.  For South Dakota, there was only one plan that was rated at 5 stars.  After reading everything in the booklet, going on-line, and talking on the phone to answer my questions, I went with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. 

One of my considerations was the ability to use mail order refills so I am not tied to having to be near a member pharmacy as I travel.  (although there are 62,000 member locations throughout the country with Blue Cross)  It turns out that Blue Cross uses the same mail order company that has supplied my meds for the last six years without any glitches.  I have often read of fulltimers having delays in getting prescriptions refilled at Walmart or Walgreens or some other place.  I can also receive a three month supply each time for the normal cost of two months using the mail order service.

Only the next year will tell whether or not my decisions were good ones for me.  It took me the better part of the day to get that taken care of, and I was relieved and exhausted when it was done.  I know it’s not real interesting unless you happen to maybe be at the same place in life that I am, but that’s how my day went.


As I hung up the phone…( ha ha, isn’t that archaic?  Not many people hang up phones any more.  Winking smile)…the white-tailed doe was skulking around outside my window once again.  She actually seemed rather stoic as Emma was going berserk on the other side of the rig outside.


                      Mrs. Pileated Woodpecker came near to give one of the pine trees a good whack!

The sun came out once again in the late afternoon, and after a couple of good long walks around the campground Emma and I settled outside to watch everyone arriving for the weekend.  I am so glad I chose a site in the woods rather than near the water.  The noise down there from all the boats, and kids, and carryings on is muffled up here in the woods.


                                                  And it wasn’t long before her honey joined her.

As an addendum to yesterday’s post about the Popcorn Haven, I’d like to report that trying many different flavors of popcorn is very much like going to any other tasting or sniffing of fragrances.  After about three different varieties, your taster gets kind of numbed out.  It was like trying all the different varieties at a Jelly-Belly factory.  Rolling on the floor laughing  So far, parmesan/garlic is my favorite.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy