Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I went a Quiltin’ today

Ha Ha!  Lest you think I suddenly decided to take up the fine art of sewing, let me assure you that I have not.  Instead, Emma and I went off on a quilting party more geared to my interests and abilities. 

IMG_8801 IMG_8802

In Tennessee there are sixteen counties where the Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail can be found.  I decided to make a road trip through two of those counties today looking for quilts.  “These painted replicas  reflect treasured family heirlooms that were originally constructed from scraps of excess fabric and made into useful, meaningful quilts.  The Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail honors local quilters – both past and present – who have contributed to this emerging cultural collection of original artwork.”

67 On the way to NC 201237

I must admit that it wasn’t easy finding these quilts.  I had addresses for some, and others I tried to find using the not exactly specific maps I had of Jackson and Smith counties.  Most all were on back roads or found on the sides of buildings in some of the very small towns.

67 On the way to NC 201240

It was kind of like geocaching without coordinates.  Disappointed smile  See that little place in the lower left?  I just might return there tomorrow.  It is out in the middle of nowhere, and contains homemade treasures for sale.  It’s just not open on Wednesdays.  Next week, I’ll be putting Emma in a kennel, leaving the rig at an Escapee’s park, and driving the car to Dyer, IN.  My daughter, Robyn, will be celebrating her retirement after 20 years service with the Army.  Now I ask you, what do you get for a 38 year old retiring Sergeant First Class to honor her service to our country?  I’m stumped, but I’m hoping that little place in the back woods of Tennessee will solve my dilemma. 

67 On the way to NC 201238

As we traveled around, I passed through communities such as Carthage, Chestnut Mound, Dixon Springs, Gainesboro, Pleasant Shade, Flynn’s Lick, and finally Granville, TN. 


Not all roads led to success.  This particular diminishing road ended at a dead end with an encounter with a very large Rottweiler who suggested that we turn around.  Needless to say, I took his advice. 

67 On the way to NC 201239Some of the quilts were found on museums or historical society buildings, but all seemed to be closed on Wednesdays.  That’s too bad.

67 On the way to NC 201236

When we arrived in the historic little town of Granville, I had to stop in to see the Ben Sutton Store & General Merchandise.  I wasn’t in the market for a hat or overalls, so I didn’t purchase anything while there.  If I were going to be here on Saturday, I’d sign up for the country dinner.  Afterwards there’s Blue Grass Music with a band performing for a one hour radio show.  I wish I had known that last Saturday!

There was a very nice Veteran’s Memorial Park in Granville which I thought would be the ideal place to stop for the picnic lunch I had brought along.  It started out just fine until a stray dog found us.  It was just a large pup with very big paws and a lot of growing yet to do, but it came after Emma and wouldn’t leave her alone or stop barking and lunging.  Emma did a good job of trying to behave, but after gulping down half my sandwich I felt it was best to just leave. 


I had a hard time deciding which quilt location was my favorite today.  Many of the barns in the area are red with white doors, and that appealed to me.


But, my vote went for this rustic barn with the surrounding hay bales.  The quilt reproduction really stood out, and I liked the surrounding mountains/hills.  The drive from location to location took me through some very scenic rural lands.  I truly enjoyed myself (other than the canine encounters), and just wish I had time to do all sixteen counties this way.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy