Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Things that go bump in the morning.

Emma and I were out for a walk and a stop at the dog yard pretty early this morning.  Since temps will be hovering in the 90’s this week, it’s the best time to be out.  Wonder of wonders, another dog even joined us, and they ran around together for a bit.  There’s finally another dog here that isn’t one of those teeny weenie little things.  Their owners tend to avoid Emma’s exuberance (and rightly so).  “Ginger” was bigger, older, and wiser than Ms. Em, so it was good for both dogs.


I’m going to toss in a couple of my other ‘smoky’ photos, from the other day, tonight.  It’s been hot enough here the last few days that I’m presently sitting inside with the AC going, and I took off my shoes and socks!  One of the rarest sights on earth is for me to be found without my shoes and socks on during daylight hours. Surprised smile  I’m just not one of your flip-flop types of girls.  Never have been, and never will be.  It’s a challenge for me to walk to the swimming pool here with only Crocs on my feet. (and I’ve been making fine use of that pool to cool off)


As I was peacefully sitting at the table this morning reading Rick’s blog about the “Ten best things to see in Victoria, BC”, I was abruptly shaken by a loud bang as the rig rocked a bit.  My reaction was, “Holy Cow” (or something similar with four letters).  My passenger’s side neighbor was pulling out this morning and his great big fifth wheel slammed into my awning!  As he stopped, I flew out of my chair to get to the door.  He started to back up, and I hit the button to retract the awning before he did more damage.  He obviously was not paying close enough attention to his mirrors and cut the corner too sharply.  I just had that whole awning replaced last summer.  Luckily, it only appears to have scraped some paint off of the end cap of my awning, but he has a memorable gouge in the side of his rig.  That’s not the way I wanted to start the day.  My heart was pounding, which the gentleman apologized for. 

Gainseboro TNOnce I recuperated from that little excitement, I spent the rest of the day packing my bag and getting the rig ready to leave it for almost a week.  With dropping Emma off at the kennel tomorrow, it will be a drive of just over 500 miles to Dyer, IN.  Don’t know if I’ll attempt it all in one day or not.  We’ll see how things go.  I’ll gain an extra hour by skipping back into the Central Time Zone, and tomorrow is the first day of summer.  That means the most amount of daylight we’ll see this year.  I’d like to avoid a motel if I can, but I’ll stop if I get tired.  Too bad Sam doesn’t live in southern Indiana.  Winking smile  He has offered numerous times to welcome weary travelers.

Well, it seems like I should take one more dip in the pool tonight before I make my picnic lunch for tomorrow’s trip.  I’ll talk to you next from near the great city of Chicago.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy