Monday, June 11, 2012

A record breaking drive

(This post should have published on Sunday evening.)

I headed out for Defeated Creek COE campground today in the early afternoon.  It was a rather slow but smooth ride there.


The pull through site is not exactly level, but there’s lots of room and as soon as I put the DISH on the pedestal, I had both satellites honed in without even having to make an adjustment.  That’s a first for me!


It’s not a waterfront site, but this is my view from my rocker until someone moves into the site on the left of the picture.  With the Old Farts Pass, it’s another spot for $9/night for 50 amps and water.  I moved here hoping to improve my internet coverage.  Sorry to say, it’s still on roaming and Sprint has totally cut me off from roaming.

I called my son, Daniel, tonight since the air card account is in his name to tell him I was fed up with being denied access.  I was unable to publish last night’s post, and had no access to internet at all today because Sprint wouldn’t allow the roaming.  The account I have is for unlimited roaming, but Sprint will not honor it.

The result of this hassle is that the air card account has been cancelled, and I will travel by car to Lebanon, TN, tomorrow to sign up with Verizon.  Sprint can go suck an egg as far as I’m concerned.  I’ve been a loyal customer for over six years, and they didn’t give a hoot about that.  I’m not sure Verizon will be much better, but the last two places I was in roaming with Sprint, Verizon had a good signal.


Emma has settled right in and pulled out a log from the fire ring to gnaw on.  She doesn’t eat the wood, but chews it and spits it out.  It was funny to watch her lugging that big thing around.

As for a record breaking drive, this is the shortest distance I’ve ever traveled from one campsite to another.  It was only a total of 11.1 miles today.  If any of you have made a shorter move, I’d enjoy hearing about it. (If I ever get to post this. Disappointed smile)

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy